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Bowen Designs statues

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Artwork, Lithographs & Posters
Hot Toys Marvel Comics figures
Marvel Comics action figures
Marvel Comics Movie Prop Replicas
Marvel Comics statues by other manufacturers
Abomination statue   $220.00 In Stock
Angel Yellow Exclusive statue Ltd to 200      $ 349.95 In Stock
Angel Original statue $ 230.00 In Stock
Annihilus Previews Exclusive statue                 $ 275.00 In Stock
The Avengers movie products
Bionica action figure by Randy Bowen $     8.95 In Stock
Black Cat Retro statue $ 230.00 In Stock
Black Knight statue
$ 175.00 In Stock
Bucky statue Sale $ 125.00     
$ 160.00 In Stock
Bullseye statue $ 160.00 In Stock
Cable Action Exclusive statue $ 300.00 In Stock
Cable Modern statue $ 499.95 In Stock
Bucky as Capt America Premium Format figure by Sideshow $ 289.95 In Stock
Captain America Action statue $ 289.95 In Stock
Captain America Metallic statue Inquire
Ultimate Captain America Exclusive statue Ltd to 500 $ 949.95 In Stock
Ultimate Captain America Metallic variant Exclusive statue  Inquire
Captain America Avengers Metallic Exclusive statue Inquire
Captain America movie products
Captain America Newsreel Exclusive statue   Out of Stock
Captain America WW II statue $ 249.95 In Stock
Captain Britain statue Out of Stock
Captain Marvel statue $ 325.00 In Stock
Captain Marvel Exclusive statue  Inquire In Stock
Crimson Dynamo Exclusive statue             $ 240.00 In Stock
Cyclops Retro statue 2nd version $ 329.95 In Stock
Cyclops statue matched set -Matching #'ed Modern & Retro $ 340.00 In Stock
New Daredevil Origin statue (Yellow)  Inquire
Deathlok statue  Out of Stock
Destroyer THOR statue $ 349.95 In Stock
Tomb of Dracula statue $ 275.00 In Stock
Doc Samson statue $ 235.00 In Stock
Dr Doom Classic statue   Out of Stock
Gladiator Original statue $ 240.00 In Stock
Goliath Clint Barton Website Exclusive $ 374.95 In Stock
Hellcat statue $ 329.95 In Stock
Hulk Mr Fixit statue Inquire
Hulk Smashing statue (green)  $ 439.95 In Stock
Hulk movie statues & busts
Iceman statue  Out of Stock
Ice Man Classic statue $ 200.00 In Stock
Original Ice Man Exclusive statue  Out of Stock
Iron Man Classic Faux Bronze statue Out of Stock
Iron Man Original Faux Bronze statue $ 249.95 In Stock
Iron Man Modern Stealth version statue   Out of Stock
Iron Man Modular Armor statue Inquire
Iron Man movie products
Iron Man Extremis statue $ 224.95 In Stock
Iron Man Neo-Classic statue $ 225.00 In Stock
Iron Man Silver Centurion statue $ 225.00 In Stock
Iron Man War Machine Modern statue Inquire
Iron Man movie statues, busts & toys
Iron Patriot statue $ 230.00 In Stock
Jean Grey Black Queen statue $ 179.95 In Stock
Madelyn Pryor (Goblin Queen) statue    $ 250.00 In Stock
Marvel Comics Replica Props - Capt Shield, Thor's Hammer, etc.
Ms Marvel 70's statue $ 349.95 In Stock
Odin statue Out of Stock
Punisher 1st Appearance statue     $ 329.95 In Stock
Red Skull Action statue                shown with Capt America Action $ 259.95 In Stock
Rogue Modern statue $ 299.95 Inquire
Sabretooth Modern statue $ 249.95 In Stock
Sabretooth Street Clothes variant statue Diamond Exc  $ 275.00 In Stock
Scarlet Spider statue $ 349.95 Inquire
Silver Surfer Galactus scale mini statue $ 149.95 In Stock
Spider-Man movie statues, busts & toys
Spider-Woman statue new version-sitting pose Out of Stock
Stryfe statue Out of Stock
Submariner Classic costume statue $ 225.00 In Stock
Submariner Original statue Ltd to 500 $ 249.95 In Stock
Thor Destroyer statue   $ 649.95 In Stock
Thor Modern Museum statue Inquire
Thor movie products
Thor Strike Down statue $ 299.99 In Stock
Tomb of Dracula statue $ 275.00 In Stock
Warlock Magus Exclusive statue $ 299.95 In Stock
Warlock Original Exclusive statue $ 324.95 In Stock
War Machine Modern statue Inquire
Warpath X-Force Exclusive statue $ 285.00 In Stock
Wasp Modern Deluxe Exclusive statue $ 489.95 In Stock
White Queen Modern Exclusive statue $ 225.00 In Stock
Wolverine statue matched set- matching #'ed Yellow & Brown $ 399.95 In Stock

We do not gaurantee Mint product or boxes. Since all statues are hand painted some may contain slight variations, corrections, etc. None can be considered Mint due to this human element. We consider the best of what we see as Near Mint.